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SLTN offers infrastructure for Reasult in Nijmegen

‘Real Estate in Control’: that is Reasult’s motto. Reasult, based in Nijmegen, is a market leader in software to optimise the financial performance of real-estate organisations. De software wordt gebruikt door meer dan 1.500 gebruikers bij woningcorporaties, vastgoedontwikkelaars, taxateurs en vastgoedbeleggers.

The Reasult Suite includes solutions for property development, asset, portfolio and valuation management, and financial planning. Reasult is part of the Planon Groep. Planon is an international software supplier that fully streamlines business processes for buildings, people and workplaces. Reasult works with partners including Dell, VMware, Microsoft, Veeam and SLTN to ensure a quick and reliable platform with very high levels of uptime, good performance and a secure and reliable back-up.

22 years in control

Klaas Bosma is the General Manager of Reasult. “Reasult is a software provider for commercial and residential real estate”, he notes. We started off in property development. We have developed software that helps customers gain insight into the finances of their project development. Later we expanded it to other domains, such as asset management and property valuations.”

Right now, there are 65 people working at Reasult and the software is used by approximately 100 customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. “We are successful in continental Europe”, says Klaas Bosma, “but it is our ambition to serve Europe as a whole with our software solutions.”

Reasult came to SLTN because of questions they got from their customers. Klaas Bosma continues: “We have been delivering software for 22 years and we were increasingly being asked to organise the infrastructure as well. We compared several parties. Not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of helping to think up solutions. We asked these parties “How can you help us to serve our customers better?” SLTN stood head and shoulders above the rest. Besides helping us think about how we could set it up, they also considered the aspects we could improve on for ourselves.”

High-level security

“For example, it is really important to us for the security of the whole platform to be at a very high level. Our customers have a lot of confidential data stored in our software. Not only personal data, but also data on the projects they own and are developing. It is therefore crucial to our customers for the data to be secure. The bar is increasingly being set higher in this respect. External regulators also raise the bar, meaning that we have to prove that our environment is watertight and secure for our customers.”

“The infrastructure SLTN came up with and ended up putting in place, is composed of several parts. An important part for us is the portal, where all customers enter. We purchase that through Workspace 365, a portal that gives us a lot of extra functionalities. Once you pass through this portal, i.e. you are authorised, you enter our environment. For the current software solutions, we used the private cloud. It is located in the Dataplace data centre, where it is fully secured. Obviously there is a firewall around it, on which there is the Veeam security check. With Veeam, we are able to continuously monitor how we perform, but we are also able to react proactively where this is requested.”

Sparring with experts

“What I appreciated enormously in the initial process”, says Klaas Bosma, “is being able to spar with SLTN’s experts. They really considered in depth what our customers need, how they use our software and how our software is structured. Based on that analysis, they came up with the solution that our customers are now using. It was a perfect combination of knowledge, skills, expertise and shared ideas, which culminated in a really great result.”