At SLTN, we select our business partners carefully. Our partnerships are for the long run and we invest in every relationship. The most important thing is that SLTN clients reap the benefits of our partnerships: thanks to our partners, SLTN is able to mobilise all relevant knowledge and capabilities to achieve the intended solution.

We have the highest possible partner status for the products in our portfolio. For example, the Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner label in various areas, IBM Premier Partner and Dell Titanium Partner. Apart from this, SLTN’s knowledge and capability is regularly accredited with awards.

Our partnerships

Below is an overview of some of our partners. SLTN works with many parties in a variety of areas to deliver a broad range of products and services.

Tackling your challenges together with SLTN?

Whether you are looking for more powerful data security, a stable network, reliable telecommunications… At SLTN you will find the solution you are looking for. Contact our experts to design the ideal IT environment for your organization.