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In today’s digital world, it is easier than ever to collect data. But how do you convert this data into results for your organisation? The increasing amount of data makes for storage that is unstructured and sometimes not secure. You can’t work with that.

Over the past few years, a lot of organisations have been using the public cloud. With good reason. However, the one-cloud-fits-all principle unfortunately doesn’t always work. Difficult migrations, vendor lock-ins, compliance, regulations… The public cloud is not the best solution for every organisation.

What’s the alternative? In short: SLTN Multi Hybrid Cloud, where you blend your own data centre with cloud solutions. A robust data centre built with innovative hardware is crucial for harnessing the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency that the cloud offers.

SLTN is your partner for a wide range of high-quality hardware solutions specifically designed to meet the demands of hybrid cloud architectures. From servers and network equipment to designing your SLTN Multi Hybrid Cloud itself, we provide the appropriate technologies and expertise needed for a powerful SLTN Multi Hybrid Cloud environment.

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Optimising with
Multi Hybrid Cloud

The right cloud strategy consists of a mix of public and private cloud, combined with an on-premises infrastructure. That’s what we call SLTN Multi Hybrid Cloud. Your organisation uses the flexible nature of the public cloud in combination with the security, control and performance of the private cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Work with peace of mind using SLTN Multi Hybrid Cloud.

  • The ABCs of the cloud
  • Move away from the one-cloud-fits-all principle
  • Get started with SLTN Multi Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud transition with a reliable partner

Stay on top of your unstructured data

Four tips for clear administration

Discover how SLTN’s digital media storage and solutions help your organisation handle your data in the right way and support its rapid rise.

Take control of your unstructured data

  • Let your IT grow along with your organisation
  • Streamline your workflows
  • Create optimum scalability
  • Secure your unstructured data

Your Ideal Cloud starts with a
reliable partner

At SLTN, we help organisations to make their business processes simpler, faster and more efficient with the help of their IT. With the latest technology in hardware and software, we design your own platform with you. Fully in line with your wishes.

You choose solid IT infrastructure, but in a scalable, pay-per-use model. In your data centre or with SLTN. Easily combine that infrastructure with public cloud services where necessary. Contact our experts and take the first steps towards Your Ideal Cloud.