As technology is constantly evolving, companies need flexible and reliable solutions. We apply our expertise and experience to support organisations in their digital transformation. Explore how you can leverage our services to fulfil your business objectives and create a solid foundation for success in today’s digital world.


Things are evolving rapidly in IT but also in your organisation. You must regularly adapt your IT to accommodate increasing digitisation, in order to become an ever more data-driven enterprise. Having to make hardware and software investments in quick succession is like doing renovations while keeping your store open 24/7.

SLTN can help you make the necessary changes. These may involve sizeable adjustments, such as migrating to the cloud, or smaller migrations, such as updates and upgrades. The more minor adjustments are often the most problematic and, therefore, the ones with the most risks.

With many years of experience and references, SLTN can help you achieve a future-proof IT infrastructure. Our architects, pre-sales consultants, engineers and project leaders will gladly be of assistance.

Managed Services

IT is an indispensable part of your business operations. That said, it is also a very complex and costly element and will immediately negatively impact your operations if it malfunctions. SLTN specialises in providing Managed Services for businesses, organisations and institutions.

We operate in two disciplines:

  • Technology such as workstations, data centres/clouds and networks.
  • Business, which relates to data and applications.

In either discipline, we work with you under contracts based on SLA and/or XLA. In fact, SLTN can, if required, perform its services on a 24/7 basis, always from the Netherlands with Dutch employees.

Our Managed Services are always customised, so we are happy to discuss a suitable offer with you, without any obligation.

Building of SLTN headquarters

Want to partner with SLTN to address your challenges?

SLTN has the solution you want, whether you are after more robust data security, a stable network, reliable telecommunications or something else! Get in touch with our experts to design the perfect IT environment for your organisation.