Business Services

Let your IT help put your strategy into practice

To ensure the continuity of your organisation, it’s important not to lose sight of your vision and strategy for both business and IT objectives. SLTN’s Business Services help organisations to shape their strategy and vision, aligning them with the IT framework and its associated data and application landscape.
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Business Services focuses on:

Enterprise Architecture &
Process Management

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Business Consultancy &
Information Management

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Data-driven Work &
Application Modernisation

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SLTN’s Business Services facilitate collaboration between Business & IT departments within organisations. With three key focal points, they form the ideal bridge between these departments, ensuring customers can rely on business continuity through a future-proof IT environment tailored to their needs.
Enterprise architecture translates your vision, strategy, and objectives into the design of processes and information provision. It’s an important step in aligning your objectives and business with IT. Working under an enterprise architecture provides all stakeholders with a clear understanding of the direction an organisation is moving towards.
Within enterprise architecture, models and principles are frequently used. Models visually represent current and desired situation(s), while principles describe the beliefs that indicate how the desired situation can be attained.
Four benefits of an enterprise architecture:
  • Translation of strategy into organisational structure, processes, and information provision
  • Standardisation and consistency
  • Clear roadmap for aligning all disciplines
  • Agility, flexibility and transparency
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SLTN helps you optimally align your business and IT objectives with each other so that you can work with even clearer focus on your improvements and modernisations. Connecting your business with the data, application and infrastructure landscape in an optimal, forward-looking and secure way leads to the best results in practice. The key to this is good enterprise architecture carried through into all IT disciplines.