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Opt for an innovative communication solution

To work efficiently, it is important for your employees to be able to communicate smoothly and securely with each other. In several sectors, communication with clients through sensors and displays adds another layer of complexity. With the right Telecom & Home Automation solutions, you create a win-win situation for all parties. Here are a few examples:

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With innovative communication solutions, financial institutions can seamlessly communicate with clients through various channels such as video conferencing and instant messaging. This leads to faster and more efficient interactions, improved customer service, and better decision-making.

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In healthcare, Telecom & Home Automation solutions can facilitate better collaboration among healthcare providers through real-time communication and access to patient records. This results in quicker diagnoses, more efficient workflows, and improved care coordination.

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Telecom solutions facilitate communication and collaboration between different departments in the industrial sector, while sensors play a crucial role in gathering data about machines, environmental factors, and inventory levels. This data is integrated with the Telecom & Home Automation-platform, making real-time monitoring, environmental management, and inventory management more efficient.

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Telecom & Home Automation solutions streamline communication within the government, both internally between government agencies and externally with citizens. This allows the government to share information more efficiently, accelerate decision-making, and improve service delivery to citizens.

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Your Ideal Communication

To be able to offer your organisation innovative communication solution, SLTN has taken a majority stake in HPS Connectivity Solutions. The Telecom & Home Automation activities now form an integral part of our portfolio of services.

Connected Health

As a healthcare organization, how do you efficiently use technological innovation to further enhance the quality of care? HPS Connected Health gives both the client and the healthcare professional centre stage. A range of communication and home automation services connected to our cloud ensure optimal care and more peace in the workplace.

How does it work?

  • Healthcare application for employees: caregivers get a special smartphone to quickly access relevant information.
  • Healthcare application for clients: a smart display with an app for the client replaces the traditional nurse call unit and intercom.
  • Healthcare dashboard: the HPS platform is a fully data-driven environment for functional management and reporting.

Ready to make your healthcare organisation even smarter? Learn all about Connected Health.

HPS Connectivity Solutions is a partner of Mitel, global manufacturer of VoIP telephony and Telecom & Home Automation solutions. Mitel offers customers maximum freedom of choice with a wide portfolio that simplifies the transition to the cloud. HPS Connectivity Solutions has been both technically and commercially trained, tested, and accredited by Mitel.

Together with HPS, we enable you and your employees to communicate as efficiently as possible. How do we achieve that? Through proven innovative communication technology and open standards. Contact our experts to build Your Ideal Communication.