Network & IoT

Meet Network-as-a-Service.

Your visitors, staff and your own organisation: they all expect a reliable network. However, data traffic means a heavy burden. Moreover, that data traffic goes through more and more devices in the most varied locations. How do you eradicate the complexity that this brings?


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Opt for simplicity, flexible capacity and predictable costing

With Networking-as-a-Service, you take on the network equipment as a service. That way, you are always guaranteed a secure, up-to-date network that is fully managed, but you stay in control.

  • Who are the stakeholders in your network?
  • How do you keep your network secure, but still accessible?
  • What is SLTN’s role as a managed services provider?
  • What are the benefits of NaaS?

Your network, your way

Peace of mind

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Your network is always secure, available and up to date.

Full control

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Do you manage your network yourself or leave it to SLTN? The choice is yours. The choice is yours.

Flexible capacity

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Your network solution scales according to your needs.

Predictable costs

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You only pay for what you use.

Our experienced experts are ready to collaborate with you in designing, implementing, and managing a powerful network based on innovative equipment.