AI Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important tool for driving efficiency and innovation. An increasing number of organisations are using AI to automate the decision-making process.
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Based on your data

By intelligently leveraging both existing and externally available data, it’s possible to efficiently use accumulated knowledge through AI. The experts at SLTN Business & Data Services can also advise and support you in optimising your data landscape, ensuring you derive maximum returns from an AI solution that aligns with your organisation’s strategy and mission.

Relevant to your situation

Whether you want to deploy a chatbot or look for automated image recognition for process optimisation, we develop solutions that are relevant to your situation. This can be through a standardised solution, fine-tuned to suit your organisation, or by developing a fully customised solution. Naturally, we ensure that the solutions comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding AI and the use and sharing of data.

From solution to implementation

Our services include not only developing your AI solution but also ensuring its implementation and management within your existing organisational processes, including any necessary process adjustments and employee training. This way, you derive the maximum value from your AI solution, today, tomorrow, and in the future.

AI Services

At SLTN, we understand how AI can empower your organisation. With SLTN’s AI services, you can practically deploy Artificial Intelligence for your organisation, whether it’s improving interactions with your customers or employees, automating and optimising repetitive tasks, or predicting and/or responding to trends.
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SLTN supports you and collaborates to determine how AI can move your organisation forward. We realistically assess the possibilities for your objectives.