Your organisation’s application landscape is constantly evolving. Expanding products and services, changing laws and regulations, market developments, and new ways to engage with your customers all require a certain level of flexibility from your organisation. Thanks to SLTN’s Application Services, you get the support you need in (re)designing and modernising your application landscape.
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Count on SLTN to integrate and automate your processes, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of its competitors. Our Application Services consist of four main aspects:

  • Application Modernisation
    • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) setup for application landscape (SAM)
    • Legacy phase-out with (low-)code Platforming
  • Application and Process Flow Development
    • RPA, low-code, and custom-code
    • No-code Mobile App Development / White Label CMS
  • Application Integration Services
  • Management & Support

Optimal (re)design

Two elements are crucial for optimal (re)design:


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Many organisations choose standard applications. For certain processes, this is a logical choice. However, when it comes to automating your primary process that you use to make the difference in your market, it is wise to opt for a custom solution. Automating the processes that set you apart from the rest requires an appropriate and unique solution that is specific to your organisation.

SLTN maps out your application landscape. We visualise legacy applications and rebuild them with Application Modernisation or configure them for a future-proof application landscape, with ownership from within the organisation on the relevant applications.


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Because of the growing number of applications, information is also increasingly fragmented. With our application integration, all applications have the right information and no double input is needed. Applications can also be integrated to modernise outdated processes and systems, for example within a migration process.

Application integration can take place in a variety of ways, from a simple (secured) API connection to a fully-fledged integration platform. SLTN has the knowledge and experience to select the right integration solution, implement it and manage it for your organisation.

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Make your application landscape a major asset to your organisation

SLTN helps you as a Trusted Advisor with the consistency of your strategy, business processes, applications and information. As a Trusted Advisor, SLTN helps you with the consistency of your strategy, business processes, applications and information systems. With our experience, we can advise you about how to properly design your application landscape, and take care of the realisation, integration, management and further improvements of the application landscape.