Data Services

We are generating and storing more data than ever before, providing organisations with a fantastic opportunity to extract more value from their data. Whether you’re creating this value through traditional Business Intelligence or with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the foundation lies in understanding what data is available, where it is located, and how it can be used. A solid data strategy, including an effective Data Governance & Management model, can accelerate this process.
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SLTN’s Data Services assist organisations in becoming data-driven. Our consultants work closely with your organisation to ensure the continuity of chosen solutions in all phases, from advice to management.

Discover our data services


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  • Creating business value with your data
  • Data-driven operations
  • Data governance & management in your data platform
  • Establishing the value of BI & AI for your organisation
  • Action-oriented insights through data visualisation

Implementation and Development

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  • Information Management and Self-service BI
  • BI & Data Intelligence Services with BI & AI applications from AI Services
  • Microsoft Azure Modern Data Platform
  • Databases & Engineered Systems
  • Architecture to integrate the data landscape with Enterprise & IT architecture

Managed Services

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  • Partial or full management of your data and data visualisation environment or platform

Data-driven work

Successful data-driven work is more than just technology and knowing which data you can extract from which systems. It’s an organisational change where your strategy translates into responsible and wise handling of data. Data-driven work is never a goal in itself, but a means to enable smarter, better, or faster decision-making or execution based on data.
Where do you start? It often depends on where you currently stand in your data-driven strategy. SLTN finds that it helps many organisations to reflect on the vision, mission, and context of your organisation, the phase the organisation is currently in, and the opportunities that data-driven work could realise. Clear objectives make your progress measurable and, above all, tangible.

Set out the right data governance strategy

Despite the growing necessity for a data strategy, organisations often struggle to efficiently implement one in practice. Despite the growing necessity for a data strategy, organisations often struggle to efficiently implement one in practice. SLTN assists you in shaping your data strategy and delving into suitable solutions, regardless of your current technology, applications, data volumes, and data maturity. We help you design improvement and innovation initiatives that add the most value, including necessary Data Governance and Data Management.

We help you deepen your understanding to future-proof your data management. There are various activities where we help you achieve that:

  • Clearly defining data principles
  • Data classification
  • Data quality criteria
  • Data access
  • Data lifecycle
  • User classification
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SLTN Data Services support you in realising, maintaining, and managing a reliable data environment, ensuring that you have control over all the steps your data goes through. Interested in leveraging our Data Services? Feel free to contact us and find out how to make smarter use of your data.