About SLTN

With a turnover of more than 285 million euros and over 600 high-level IT professionals, SLTN is one of the largest unlisted solution integrators focused on bringing together business and IT. We have been doing that for more than 25 years already, always with our core values of quality, passion & innovation.
SLTN supplies customers in the SME+ segment as well as Corporate Accounts and Large Enterprise. We are only active from the Netherlands, but we deliver and guide our customers all over the world.

SLTN, for futureproof IT

At SLTN, we ensure that the increasingly complex IT possibilities are and remain accessible for our clients. For many years, we have been taking care of ICT matters for organisations in a wide range of sectors, such as centralised and decentralised government, healthcare, financial and business services, transport and industry, and media and entertainment. We believe in the power of strong relationships with clients, and we have been working closely with a lot of them for many years. SLTN advises, designs, delivers, builds and manages sustainable and innovative ICT solutions in line with our clients’ goals.

Our focus lies in business transformation services: digital transformation, business strategy with IT, data-driven working and modernising applications. We combine these services with infrastructure-related themes: digital workplace, network & security (including cybersecurity), data centre & cloud, home automation/domotics and VoIP telephony. This broad portfolio means that SLTN is a full-service solution integrator responsible for a futureproof IT landscape.

The user experience and the needs of the organisation are the guiding principles of everything we do.
Today, tomorrow and in the future.

The digital transformation is picking up pace. Working independently of locations and devices has equally now become the new standard. This is why the cloud, mobile workplaces, networks and of course security are becoming increasingly important. SaaS and mobile applications that can be operated from anywhere in the world are essential for all organisations to survive and grow.

Companies are outsourcing their IT increasingly often to specialist organisations for flexible availability, optimum XLAs and predictable costing. That way, they can focus on their core business. The explosive growth of data accelerates the need to gain more insight into processes and client needs, and the use of artificial intelligence is rising sharply.

At SLTN, we are already fully engaged with these changing needs. We will continue to support businesses and institutions with their digital transformation now and in the future.

At SLTN, we realize our vision in several ways:

Where we can, we offer utility-based and managed services, including Unified Communication, Digital Workplace, Data Centre & Cloud, Networks and Security.

SLTN is continuing to expand its offer of Multi Hybrid Cloud solutions to get the ideal solution for clients. Our key focal point is to achieve the optimum mix of costs, security and Data Governance.

Through Cloud Billing and Orchestration Software, we offer our clients financial transparency and they themselves are able to choose the location of their data and applications within SLTN’s Multi Hybrid Cloud solutions.

With cybercrime on the rise, at SLTN, we emphasise the importance of Data Governance given that data is saved everywhere and nowhere in the Multi Hybrid Cloud.

Because of the exponential growth of data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are the only ways to gain relevant insights. These are techniques we at SLTN are more than familiar with.

With this strategy, SLTN will offer our clients clear and futureproof IT solutions with innovative technology, whilst also tackling current IT challenges.


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Eugene Tuijnman
Founder & CEO
Pam Van Olphen
Photo of Menno
Menno Burger
VP Professional Services
Harry Degger
VP Sales
Emile Schouwstra
Director Cloud & Managed Services
Building of SLTN headquarters

Tackling your challenges together with SLTN?

Whether you are looking for more powerful data security, a stable network, reliable telecommunications… At SLTN you will find the solution you are looking for. Contact our experts to design the ideal IT environment for your organization.