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At the healthcare organisation Mijzo’s Koetshuis site, SLTN implemented domestic automation solutions in a care home setting.

A lighter workload and more privacy for inhabitants with ‘Connected Health’.

Healthcare is under pressure in the Netherlands, in terms of both staffing and finances. The increasing demand for healthcare from an ever-growing group of older people, and the lack of care workers, requires fundamental choices to be made. Mijzo recognises this too. Mijzo is a Brabant-based organisation focusing on care for the elderly. They offer elderly people the means to live their lives the way they choose. Mijzo opted for the Connected Health solution from SLTN-HPS. Connected Health is a healthcare platform offering solutions for alarms, cloud, telephony, intercom, safe zones and personal security in one smartphone app. Connected Health is a smart system that lets you talk with and link with artificial intelligence (AI) based on smart APIs. New functionalities are easy to add, and it is a scalable solution.